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Fukuoka Baptist Church


(Japan Baptist Fukuoka Christ Church)



"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." 

Matthew 11:28 (NIV)



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The door of the church is open to everyone.


Please come and join us for Sunday Services and other meetings.


     The Bible tells us that God is with us through Jesus Christ at all times. No matter how weak or wretched we may be, God warmly fixes his eyes on us, accepts us as who we are, and wishes to have a special relationship with each one of us. Everyone's life is beautiful and hopeful if we see it in our relationship with God.

     The church is a place where we can lay down our burdens because Jesus Christ took upon himself our sin which we cannot bear alone. This is where we find salvation. The church is a place to share the burdens of our lives so that God would take them over. 

     Let us find hope to live by opening the Bible and praying together. Please come and visit our church. We are waiting for you!


Hirotsugu Ogawa,




(All conducted in Japanese)








10:00 ~ 10:45 AM

Church School Classes

 Kids      Before Elementary School

                Elementary School 

            ✎ Middle & High School

 Adults   “Bible Education”

                   (Using a Bible study guide)


                Read the Bible in English

                   (Using English versions of the Bible)

11:00 AM~12:00 noon

Sunday Service

TUESDAYS   (1st, 3rd, and 5th week)

1:00 ~ 2:00 PM               Bible Class for Migiwa parents and neighbors

                                        (Daily English conversation, English hymns, etc.)


10:30 AM~12:00 noon

Morning Bible Study & Prayers

7:30 ~ 8:30 PM

Evening Bible Study & Prayers



Introducing Our Pastor,




1962  Born in Fukue Island, Nagasaki.


1974  Baptized at Japan Baptist Shizuoka Christ Church and

         started his walk as a Christian.

          *After graduating from high school, became a fisherman on

           a deep-sea tuna fishing boat, worked as a nurse, traveled

           from India to Austria by bicycle, etc., leading a life of stray.


1994  Called by God to enter the seminary at Seinan Gakuin 



1998  Completed the Advanced Courses at Seinan Seminary.


2015  Inaugurated as pastor of Fukuoka Baptist Church in April,

         after serving as pastor at Fujisawa Baptist Church and 

            Shimonoseki Baptist Church.


Family:   Wife and 5 children (4 sons and a daughter)


Loves running, motorcycling, mountain climbing, and traveling. 


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 2-5-16 Arato, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi 810-0062





This church is a Protestant Christian church belonging to Japan Baptist Convention and is in the same affiliation as Seinan Gakuin and Seinan Jo Gakuin.